How Time Flies…

Since taking over the running of the Freckleton Band website a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been looking through a lot of photos and news stories of the band from the last few years. Well, I say a few years, but was it really 2007 when we recorded our “In the Search for Atlantis” CD? It was, and listening again to it, I don’t think I realised at the time what a ground-breaking recording this was for the band.

Young, gifted composer Ben Tubb (now based in NY) was playing solo horn with us and wrote In the Search fo Atlantis which was first recorded on this CD. Not only that, but Henry Geehl’s Normandy, unjustly neglected, had not been recorded before or since. Ben Tubb playing a movement from his own Horn Concerto, his arrangement of Praise My Soul, Jon Hall’s arrangement of Parry’s Elegy, my arrangement for Vicky Little of Schubert’s Du Bist die Ruh… a series of premières.

Alex Thomas and Patrick Howard were in sparkling form for some breathtaking solos and the band responded with sensitivity and the musical shaping that is MD Paul Dalton’s trademark.

Judge for yourself by clicking an the track names, and I hope you’ll agree it was a ground-breaking recording.

In the Search for Atlantis

Track Listing

1 thought on “How Time Flies…

  1. Hey!

    I just found this entry and I am touched! I totally miss my time at Freckleton, and wish I could come back.

    New York is going so well for me, I’m Director of Performing arts and have nearly 80 girls playing brass instruments weekly, it’s so much fun.

    Wishing the band all the best in the future!

    Ben 🙂

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