A Helpful Suggestion for Parents…

School’s out! What have you got planned for the week? Camping in the Lakes, lots of trips to interesting museums, Disneyland? Or will you be glad when the lickle ones are back at school tormenting their teachers having been bored, squabbling and getting under your feet all week with the rain hammering on the window?

Here’s an idea for you, once the holidays are over, we’ll take them off your hands for an hour on a Monday night at junior band where they can learn an instrument and make new friends. What’s the catch? Only that children and musical instruments can make an infernal racket, but eventually they will be able to play recognizable tunes and perform in concerts and you’ll be very proud of them.

We are really pleased to announce that Kath Threlfall is our new conductor/tutor who has a quite impressive CV and is a real, proper music teacher. Gail Howard has “agreed” to taking over the administration role and will be helping with the cornettists. Other members of the senior band help out too.

So, see you on Monday 25th February at 7pm.

Click here to see the Youth Band page of the website for contact details.

1 thought on “A Helpful Suggestion for Parents…

  1. Brilliant suggestion. I can’t promote a musical education strongly enough to parents looking into this environment for their child. It encompasses social, hand eye and mathematical skills plus teamwork skills that can only enhance any child’s outlook in daily life and education.

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