Brian Anderson

It is with great sadness that we learned of the death of ex-player, supporter and great friend of the band, Brian Anderson.

Derek Smith, percussionist with the band, who has known Brian for many years pays tribute to him on behalf of the band.

Brian was born into a Salvation Army family and grew up in Blackpool. He started playing cornet in the Blackpool Citadel Y.P. Band at the age of 6/7 years old and progressed into the Senior Band where he soon became a front bench player along with one of his idols, Keith Hutchinson.
His job eventually moved him to various places including Rochdale and Maidenhead where he was instrumental in the reformation of the Maidenhead S.A. Band in the mid 1990’s when it dwindled to single numbers. Brian arrived on the scene and would not let them give up -five years later they had over 30 in the band.
He also had time, in various places where he lived, to play with different contesting bands, including Freckleton for several years and Poulton-le-Fylde, Longridge and Ripon in Yorkshire.
He finished in Scarborough Citadel Band and was the Young People’s Band Leader there for some years, again making his mark by teaching the youngsters. He was very proud of the 16 or 17 players in his band and it is without doubt that they, along with lots of his friends and acquaintances throughout the country and in the banding  and S. A. world, will be devastated by his sudden passing.
I can certainly say from my own experience of knowing him for over 65 years that he was a true “bandsman” with a great sense of humour and an inspiration to lots of younger players.
He will be sadly missed.

Brian travelled over to Blackpool to support the Lancashire bands at the Northwest Area Contest just two weeks before his death and spoke with the band throughout the day.

Thank you so much for supporting our family after Brian Anderson’s promotion to Glory on Tuesday 10 March 2015.
The main service – which will be a celebration of his life – will take place on Friday 20 March 2015 at Guisborough Salvation Army (Westgate, Guisborough TS14 6AW) at 3 pm. There will also be a small committal service prior to this at Kirkleathen Crematorium (Fishpond Road, Yearby TS11 8HH) at 2.15 pm.
Brian loved to laugh and wanted us to celebrate that his promotion to Glory is not the end – Heaven awaits him. He would wish that his family and friends don’t wear black, but instead come prepared to celebrate his life by wearing their Salvation Army uniforms or bright colours and having their best singing voices prepared!
We know from the generosity experienced in recent days there will be those of you who wish to give flowers. However, we would ask that instead you help to continue Dad’s legacy of supporting young people to grow spiritually and musically. If you so choose, perhaps you could take the opportunity to make a donation at Guisborough Salvation Army on the day and they will ensure your donation is used for this purpose.
Could musicians wishing to take part on the day please contact Ashley Durrant on – let him know who you are, what band you play for and what brass instrument you play.

God bless you all!

Claire Anderson


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