About Us

Freckleton is a small village based in between Preston and Blackpool in Lancashire and there has been a brass band in the village since the latter part of the nineteenth century. The band’s headquarters, still to this day, has been at the rear of The Coach & Horses public house, based in the centre of the village.

Until the mid 1980s the band used part of the old stable block that was connected to the rear of the pub. When the brewery decided to refurbish the pub it meant that the old stable block had to be demolished to make way for a new cellar and an extended car park. This meant that the band had to find a new bandroom. With help from the local council, a piece of land was allocated to the band, that was still in the vicinity of the pub and therefore the band’s connection with The Coach & Horses would still continue.

The money to build the new bandroom was donated firstly by the local residents of the village and secondly the band who worked extremely hard throughout the year preforming extra concerts and various fund raising events. The band was also very lucky at the time as some of the members and supporters were in the building trade and so they built the new bandroom.

The band has had many successful periods in the contesting scene throughout its history at both local and national level. The most successful period being throughout the mid 1980′s to the present date, when the band appointed their longest serving Musical Director, Mr Paul Dalton.

The band is currently looking to appoint a new musical director to take the band forward.