Freckleton Band


The band has to be financially self-sufficient in the main, and schemes such as the Lotto and Patrons are very important to us! You can also make a donation to the band.

Patron Membership

To become a Patron of the band means you support the band and its activities annually for a “patronage” of just £30 per year. This INCLUDES a number in the Band Lotto (worth £16!). There are occasional special Patrons-only offers as well!

Make a Donation

Donations are also welcome for the upkeep of the band!

Lotto Membership

The Freckleton Band Lotto is a way that you can support the band with a chance to gain rewards!

The cost is £16 a year, and the draws are every 3rd month with prizes of £60, £40, £20, £10, £10 and £10!

Should you have any enquiries about the band lotto please contact Ian Gaskell (